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It’s spring break at Big Dicks At School, and a group of cock-hungry, horny students are enjoying time off to chill and unwind.A bunch of fit, gorgeous and young dudes are allpartying together in the one house. You can almost smell the sex in the air, and you just know there will be some hard-core humping as soon as the opportunity arises. The two students lined up to thrill viewers in Spring Fever Part 3 are the hunky Jarec Wentworth from his website, and the very cute Dalton Pierce.
The scene begins with Dalton and a mate bemoaning the lack of alcohol in the house, while the other dudes play ball outside. Dalton soon forgets his whingeing, when the bearded Jarec walks through the room. This guy has a smoking body and a cute butt, and Dalton isn’t too shy to tell him so. Jarec appreciates the compliment, and despite the fact he cannot speak much English, the boys begin flirting with each other. The flirting begins innocently enough, but temperatures rise when the boys decide to try on some bathing suits and go for a swim.
Dalton talks Wentworth into wearing something tight and revealing, and the guys head to the pool. Within minutes Jarec’s 8.5 inch, dark cock is hard, and Dalton is sucking on it with a passion. Wentworth continues toorally worship his darker mate’s cock inthis sexy and sensuous scene. They move to a bedroom for more privacy, and things really heat up when Jarec penetrates Dalton’s smooth, bubble butt. Both guys go wild, and the scene remains in overdrive from here until it ends.
These guys obviously enjoy their work, and there is a lot to recommend this scene. One highlight is seeing Jarec using his tongue to explore the head of Dalton’s uncut cock. Watching the guys kiss, suck, and play in their swimwear is another. But the final scene where both boys blow on Dalton’s shaved pubes is extremely hot, andis a scene that you have to see for yourself.

Drill My Hole is always going to be straight to the point and Cam Fun 2 doesn’t stay in its setup for very long. Jarec Wentworth is a sexy tattooed stud on Cams.Men that is doing some sexy chatting with a horny young man named Johnny Rapid. They talk briefly and then quickly get to a private setting. The best part about this is that Jarec doesn’t have to click on anything. All he has to do is walk across the room and find the young and sexy Johnny there waiting for him and his hard, bulging dick.

Johnny wastes no time in going down hard on Jarec’s eight inch dick. He goes down on it as deep in his throat as he can until he gags a little bit, but then goes right back at it. Wentworth starts getting very horny and starts stripping and exposing his sexy tattoos and muscles. At this point, Johnny can’t help but pull his dick out and start playing with it and getting horny himself. The rhythm he’s got is perfect. He is stroking his own dick at the same rate that he is blowing Jarec’s dick. They start getting more intimate and move to a laying down position while still performing the same sexy moves on each other.

Johnny decides to make the first move and climbs on top of Wentworth’s dick and lowers himself all the way down on it. There’s never been a cock that has ever fit an ass so well on any other model. Once Johnny gets all the way down on the hard cock, he starts to find a rhythm bouncing up and down. He finally starts to change positions but the cock feels so good he just can’t get enough of it. He starts getting slammed and you can see his smooth round ass getting drilled by the long eight inch dick. Jarec is slapping his ass cheeks and Johnny is gasping uncontrollably out of pleasure.

Johnny is now in doggy position and starts screaming that he has never had anyone do him like this before. Based on the sounds that he has made, it is pretty evident that it is true. After all the horny sounds coming from the room, the scene finally comes to the predicable sticky ending that seems more like a dream come true. Cams.Men is the place to be and you could get the next best thing to being with the hot models just by logging on.

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